Campaign Kit


You know the part in the movie, when a single kid stands alone under the lights, on the auditorium stage at school, and says something so vulnerable, so courageous, and so reflective of how we all really feel, that after the united gasp and inhale of the entire audience, and several dead silent seconds, everybody bursts into riotous applause and bolts to their feet? Well, that kid has been Jann Arden. And now we are ready to support.

Hold a sign. Stick a sticker. Share a button. Take a picture and tell the world.

NOTE: Campaign signs do not come with a stick like you see in our images. They are too tricky to ship. You’ll figure that part out. 😉

SHIPPING DATE: Kits are available for pre-order this week to determine how many we produce. They’re expected to ship around July 20th.