A Liberal Party Election Promise: Ending the Exports of Live Horses for Slaughter! 

A new Cabinet was sworn in on October 26th and Parliament reconvenes on November 22, 2021. We look forward to working with the Liberal government, who made banning live horse exports for slaughter a priority in their reelection campaign. Since animal welfare is an all-party concern, we expect that members of other parties will join this initiative as well.

We must keep up the momentum, making sure that all Members of Parliament are aware of the impact of animal cruelty on Canadians – specifically, the inhumane ways in which horses are treated when they are born into this trade and shipped by air cargo to Japan.

This betrayal of our draft horses, gentle giants who so easily learn to place their trust in humans, must stop!

Please use the link below to contact your Member of Parliament for their support!

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Canadians are just learning about a breach in our legislation. We’re talking about a legal loophole that permits the transport of live horses in unacceptable inhumane conditions, to foreign countries for human consumption.

Our mission is to STOP this.
We are headhunting effective allies in various industries, organizing a strategy designed to enforce accountability and integrity
on behalf of the horses that
have served us through history.

You can assist us by wearing #horseshit apparel, placing stickers on your vehicle or shop window and by using the hashtag #horseshit on your social media platforms.

We start by using our words.

Jann Arden

Juno Award winning singer / songwriter,
star of hit series The Jann Show
and Canadian beloved, Jann Arden
is lending her voice to non-profit
the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

“I don’t even know the words to kumbaya
but I do know even one Toonie will help
end this nightmare”

All proceeds go to various animal charities.